CRS offers broker-owners a more profitable alternative
to simply selling their business when the day arrives to transition
from active management and ownership to retirement.

We recommend doing a "TREBB" conversion (defined
below). A TREBB conversion is a method of converting
your established  brokerage business into a money-making machine.

Part of the TREBB conversion strategy is our Unified Exit Plan . Our unified exit plan applies a common mergers & acquisition concept known as a "roll-up" to the real estate brokerage business. A roll-up is a method of pooling like-kind businesses under a common umbrella and packaging them for sale to national buyers seeking to acquire instant market share.

Compass Capital Partners Group
The continual development and growth of the CRS network requires access to capital for infrastructure and/or the purchase of small to mid-size real estate companies.

Investors purchase full or partial ownership in offices managed by CRS under its Turn-key Real Estate Brokerage Business (TREBB) model. CRS provides daily management and growth strategies by deploying our proprietary systems for recruiting, training, sales and management.

While this strategy is effective in a good market, our opportunities are substantially enhanced during a market downturn. Thus, our Capital Partners Group is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the current recession and expected slow recovery.

Investors can turn as little as $7,000 into a profitable passive income stream by purchasing fractional ownership units in a TREBB. Ownership can be even more profitable than owning income-producing rental properties and less risky.

To learn more, CLICK HERE to continue or contact Bob Vanderselt managing principal of Business Transition Specialists of St. Louis. You can call him directly at (314) 378-0516.

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Mark Palmero L’Boe
Founder & CEO, pro tem
Compass Realty Systems

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A "TREBB" conversion may just be a broker-owner's best EXIT strategy