Mr. L'Boe set upon his entrepreneurial path at an early age, operating two successful businesses before graduating high school. He later operated wholesale, retail and mail order businesses, finally settling into over two decades of successful real estate business.

Year after year, L'Boe was ranked in the top one-tenth of one percent in his market among his peers, by averaging over 100 home sales per year — a home sale every 3½ days. Still, he was driven to improve. Unfortunately, the industry had not evolved sufficiently to keep pace with his goals. 

And he wasn’t alone. Others, he discovered, suffered from the same inefficiencies inherent throughout the industry. So, he took a four year sabbatical to detail every obstacle, every problem — and create solutions. The result was a family of companies, systems and services that comprise the parts of the CRS “engine,” an engine designed to address the very shortcomings that he saw thwarting good, committed professionals from becoming superstars.

Mark lives in suburban St. Louis with his wife, a tenured professor at Washington University, and their dog Shadow and cat Sfuzzi.  View Full Executive Bio
"Compass Realty Systems was founded on the principle that every time a real estate professional shakes his head and says, 'There must be a better way,'  there probably is. Our company is committed to identifying each bottleneck and constraint, and making them disappear."

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Executive Bio
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Mark Palmero L'Boe
Founder & CEO, pro tem
Gil Effron is an accomplished marketing strategist, tactician and campaign designer/writer with over 30 years experience. Mr. Effron began his association with CRS in early 2005 and was instrumental in repackaging CRS products, programs, services and systems in preparation for launch.

Author of Direct Mail Success, Gil has written hundreds of articles on direct mail and direct marketing, which have appeared newsletters, trade publications and business magazines. He is a frequent contributor to Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association’s monthly publication, PostScripts. Mr. Effron is a sought after public speaker, delivering the keynote address at the 2005 annual meeting of the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association.

Gil and his wife maintain residences in Palm Harbor, FL, and New York City. They are both proud parents and grandparents.
“Businesses are often so enthralled with technology that they ignore the value of the personal touch – a one-to-one relationship – with customers. The trick is to build the company that functions as a machine, while at the core of its culture, fostering person-to-person contact. Marketing begins from inside the company – not from the outside.”
Gil Effron
Mr. Rosenfeld has consulted on the development of various CRS divisions, programs, and services since 2003. Having extensive background in what the industry terms "alternative real estate, Rosenfeld adds his unique insights to the Compass programs during their development and implementation.

A native of Boston, Mr. Rosenfeld moved to St. Louis in October 1975. In the real estate business since 1992, he secured his brokers license in 1997 and subsequently purchased Consolidated Real Estate, Inc. The sale included the remainder of FSBO magazine, which had ceased publication earlier that same year. He moved all advertising to the Internet and began offering free and low cost ads to FSBO sellers under the name “FSBO Showcase.”

A resident of suburban St. Louis, Steve is active in his community, serving as Parish Athletic Director at his church since 1983 and currently as Financial Secretary. He is the proud father of 2 children and has 2 beautiful granddaughters.
“The sale of property dates back for centuries, making the real estate industry as mature a market as one could find. Modern real estate practitioners must not only embrace, but seek out new methods to improve service to customers, while extracting reasonable profits for facilitating those transactions.”
Steve Rosenfeld
Research & Development