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FSBO Assistance
Addressing a fast growing and poorly served niche market, OwnerList provides free online advertising to For-Sale-By-Owner sellers, and a FSBO Store where sellers and buyers can purchase helpful products and services. While
banner ads provide revenue, the site germinates opportunities for our agents to garner clientele who may eventually seek Realtor services.
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Consumer Benefits

Homecare Concierge
Serving the real estate after-market, HCC makes short work of those maintenance items around the house, large or small, conveniently and with peace of mind. Everything from changing light bulbs and filters, to our handyman-on-call service. Each scheduled visit includes a quick walk-around inspection for early detection of any developing problems. What a great way to stay in touch with clientele long after the sale!
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Custom Home Building

LDB provides the finest in custom, luxury homebuilding while concurrently providing agents an innovative opportunity to enter and flourish in this highly prized, upper market niche.
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First Alliance Home Builders
There's no time like the present to build customer loyalty. FAHB seeds the home buyer landscape for future harvest by meeting today's needs of first time home buyers and growing families, who must build on a budget. First Alliance minimizes after-the-move expenses by including a complete appliance package, window treatments and even starter landscaping.
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Referrals Only Real Estate
The ideal place for agents on inactive status to park their licenses while retaining the ability to earn commissions by referring transactions to our network of active agents. The low $99 annual fee includes the cost of C/E classes, state licensing fees and virtual prospecting tools to help them stay in touch with their sphere of influence to maximize referrals.
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No Fee Franchise

'Your Name' & Associates
Attracts and retains high producing agents by providing personal branding without requiring the high cost and commitment of a franchise. In fact, it's the one real estate franchise agents can't buy their way into. Their successful track record is their cost of entry.
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Buyer Home Search
A compilation of the most popular online home search tools and the little known specialty sites. Some are best-kept secrets including high performance sites which allow clients to input their own specs to get updated with the newest listings. Of course, our agents get notified as well so they can stay on top of their clients' developing interest.
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Hotline Call Center
Buyers cover more ground in less time. One call connects them to live agents, who provide up-to-the-minute details about any listed house, anywhere. Our Search Specialists also  schedule showings for the Buyer Showing Team (below).
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Buyer Showing Team
The ultimate in home-touring convenience, BST provides on-demand showings of homes for sale utilizing our flagship See It In 30 program. In 30 minutes or less (traffic and seller permitting), buyers can tour a home or group of homes regardless of listing broker. It's the fastest 'buyer capture' service available today.
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Agent Support & Productivity

Agent Training 1-2-3
Making agents more productive is in everyone's best interest. There's no substitute for high quality training, and there's no better training program than AT123. This is no coffee klatch; it's "real world" training that agents can use to climb the ladder from rookie to intermediate to rainmaker.
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Agent Promos 1-2-3
Everything agents need to capture and continually reach out to the client. AP123 provides agents everything from ad specialties to content for email drip campaigns, and trains them to integrate them into their personal  marketing campaign.
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Real Estate Assistant on Call
If you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant. REAOC is the "temp agency" of the real estate business for agents who need part time administrative/clerical help.
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A CRS affiliate member, RealBird is a technology leader with a solid track record in the real estate industry. The founders of Realbird have pioneered some of the tools that are now ubiquitous on the Web including affordable and powerful GIS (Geographical Information Systems) mapping and aerial photos. They continually work to maintain state-of-the-art technology solutions for real estate professionals.
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Business Brokerage

Acquire Business Brokers
The addition of ABB to the Compass line-up provides an additional income source at every level and a prospecting tool for agents. ABB assists in the buying or selling of numerous niche markets, each niche headed by a specialist in that marketplace.
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Realty Office Business Brokers
ROBB solves the number one problem experienced by owners attempting to sell their companies, and each time ROBB brokers the sale and purchase of a real estate office, Compass benefits from the opportunity to expand its user base.
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Office Support

Office Admin A to Z
Many owners are good managers, good producers or both, but have little desire or inclination to perform back-office functions because they lack the time or skills. OAA-Z is a total back office outsourcing for owners who want to spend their time only on those front-office tasks for which they have both time and expertise.
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Broker-Manager on Call
When teachers need a day off, they call in a substitute. When a broker-manager needs a day off, BMOC delivers a licensed substitute broker, affording uninterrupted real estate office supervision of both agents and transactions.
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Products, Programs, Services & Systems
The CRS family of solutions is a  lineup of products,
programs, services and systems, each addressing
a particular need in the real estate industry.
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Turn-key Office Management

Realty Office Management Systems
ROMS provides a turn-key, comprehensive array of products, programs and services. It is the passive alternative to day-to-day management for real estate businesses. Incorporates front- and back-office management, professional marketing, placement and supervision of on-site broker-manager, agent recruiting and retention programs and much more.
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Real Estate Headhunter
A key element in the success of a real estate office is the ability to recruit and retain top quality agents. REH helps brokers recruit new part-time and full-time talent with the greatest potential. Helps seasoned agents relocate to the right broker.
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Platinum Buyer Service

The perfect solution for listing specialists who generally prefer to refer buyers: Cherry pick the leads you want, refer the rest and provide better service than you'd get from an internal buyers' agent. And you always share in the commissions.

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