Compass Realty Systems (“CRS”) is the architect of a unique system of synergistic business operating methods, services, programs, products, and marketing tools; all of which are designed to increase the productivity and profitability of real estate agents and brokerage offices.

CRS "offerings" are available to agents, brokers, owners, affiliated mortgage lenders, and related professionals on an ala carte basis. 

Ideally, the CRS "system" should be applied as a total management solution by brokerage owners to increase market share and profitability.

Brokerage Owner's Exit Plan -- a better way to transition out of active management/ownership.
Ultimately, team leaders and company owners can create a profitable exit strategy for their business through participation in the CRS Unified Exit Plan by converting to our unique "Turn-key Real Estate Brokerage Business" (TREBB) management model.

Compass Capital Partners - Earn high returns on a passive investment.
The continual development and growth of the CRS network requires access to capital for infrastructure and/or the purchase of small to mid-size real estate companies.

Typically, a passive investor purchases all or part of an independent real estate brokerage company operating under our TREBB management model one in which CRS provides daily management and growth strategies by deploying our proprietary systems for recruiting, training, sales and management.

Investor and broker-owner inquiries are held in strictest confidence.